Looking for a Junior Golf Program?

There are many benefits to running a UGA program at your golf facility.  We believe that using UGA’s unique approach to teaching age appropriate skill development in a well structured, positive and FUN environment to children as young as 4 can add significant value to each customer’s experience at your golf facility.

Running a UGA program will inherently increase the amount of time the parents and family members of your students spend at your facility, which has been proven to lead to more customer time out on the golf course and, in turn, an increase in revenue at your facility.

The National Golf Foundation reports that 58% of core golfers indicate it is “very or somewhat likely” that their family would get involved in golf if encouraged. 47% said that they themselves would “play more often” if their family were more involved with golf or the amenities at the course they play most often.


Already Running a Junior Golf Program?

We have consulting services available where our experts will review and evaluate your current program and work with you to develop and implement an improvement plan.

Please contact us today to discuss which program or service is right for your facility, as well as our rates.

Services Available

Initial Program Assessment

Our experts will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your program’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Assess the space in which you conduct your program
  • Analyze your existing of program equipment
  • Provide a detailed evaluation of how to improve your program, including curriculum recommendations
  • Supply an action plan with training options for your instructors

Please note:

  • Program analysis is available by phone, virtual chat, or in person.
  • Services are applicable to all programs including after-school, holiday camps, summer camp etc.
  • Phone/Skype Chats require a one-hour minimum.
  • In-person meetings are exclusive of travel fees and require a four-hour minimum.


Basic Curriculum Licensing for One Year 

This package includes:

  • Downloadable PDF of the UGA Program Curriculum and Teacher’s Guide
  • Instructor resource videos
  • Online equipment tutorial
  • Online access to a library of UGA resource webinars that address a variety of topics, including classroom management, program customization options, and more
  • Ongoing online support through the UGA “Ask the Expert Feature”


Single- or Multiple- Trainer Review:

7-hour comprehensive review of the activity set-up and execution of the 8-class curriculum, including suggested equipment and other support materials.

UGA will determine number of trainers needed based on your venue and curriculum assessment.


Seven Elements of a Successful Junior Program Seminar

In this seminar, attendees will learn the 7 key elements of a successful junior curriculum:

  1. Playing golf, versus teaching golf
  2. Using positive language & positive reinforcement
  3. Ensuring success among students
  4. Using child friendly points of reference for teaching mechanics
  5. Communicating effectively with children
  6. Being a golf educator versus a golf instructor
  7. Understanding developmental differences within each age group

After a brief lecture and slide show presentation, participants will work hands-on to learn interesting and alternative methods for teaching traditional golf to young students.